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la jefa

Contrary to all the dire warnings that I’ve been given ever since I started this journey in Alaska, we’ve been treated with nothing but kindness and generosity by every Mexican we’ve met so far. However, this billboard which recurs throughout Chihuahua on the highways makes one pause, momentarily, for thought. The innocuous looking Martha and […]

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leaping deer

On the road to Supai.

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potluck in heaven

The sign in front of this architecturally distinguished church reads: 9AM BIBLE STUDY 10.15 HEAVEN POTLUCK AFTER

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a few small misadventures in the mojave desert

By morning the constant stream of cars has been replaced by a constant stream of trucks. It is time to flee. Without having any idea what to expect I head towards the Mojave National Preserve – I haven’t had enough of the desert yet. The desert, as always contains surprises. I ride to Kelso where, […]

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A fish advertising something on the road to Modesto.

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endless possibilities

This is clearly an event to be avoided.

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Slugs are a little gross but some are also pretty amazing. These are a few I have been impressed by.

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I sometimes fantasize about the little lectures I’d like to give some large vehicle drivers about sharing. Most people are pretty good; but those that aren’t are scary.

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mountains ahead

Since entering Canada I have been regularly confronted with this sign and I am still unsure exactly what it refers to.

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