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Big cities exert a strange fascination and I’m glad to have a chance to get to know Mexico City a bit. My excuse for an extended stay in the D.F. is provided by David, an old friend from Sydney, who is meeting me here in the metropolis as the starting point for a couple of […]

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the sound of a million wings

I reach Zitacuaro at dusk and after trying – and failing – to negotiate my way through the busy town in heavy peak hour traffic, following somewhat fanciful directions that focus on entirely on statuary as landmarks, I finally give up and find a cheap hotel for the night. The next morning, armed with further […]

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still chasing butterflies

After my abortive attempt to cross the mountains, I arrive back in Senguio as it is getting dark and sensibly decide to spend the night there. In the morning, I enter into an extended consultation with the manager of the pension about the best route to Angangueo and I leave feeling sure that I will […]

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getting lost chasing butterflies

Despite a reasonable amount of research and preparation I don’t actually know exactly where I am going in my pursuit of the Monarch butterflies. The Monarch butterfly migration, a phenomena where an estimated 160 million Monarch butterflies annually make their way from as far north as Canada to winter in Central Mexico, is something I […]

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solo again

It finally stops raining and I leave Zacatecas. I am armed with detailed maps, obtained from the Secrectaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes, of the states that I will pass through next. These maps are the only ones I’ve seen that detail secondary roads and dirt tracks with any degree of accuracy but acquiring them is […]

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