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primus omnifuel

I love my Primus Omnilfuel stove. Apart from a brief, and ultimately disappointing, flirtation with a home-made al can stove in Mexico I have never strayed from it.* However, that said, the stove has been labouring for some time on a diet of poor quality dirty petrol and performing significantly below par. Magnus, from Primus, […]

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bogota to the border (in ten and half days)

I can’t say I recommend the border or bust approach but after my unsuccessful Venezuela visa wrangling I find myself with only ten days to get to the Ecuadorean border from Bogota before my Colombian visa expires. It’s only around 800 kilometres, which seems doable, but there are some serious mountain ranges to cross and […]

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two years on the road…

Two years on the road has taken its toll on my bike. Despite a significant amount of work on my bike in Alajuela, my rear hub has self-destructed and all the pedalling in the world produces no result right now. So, having finally made my escape from Costa Rica, I am now faced with the […]

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leaving the lake

All in all, I am pretty glad to be back on the road and the road on southern side of Lake Arenal heading towards the volcano proves to be a fine one.

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oh, no…

My computer has finally sucumbed – to what I’m not exactly sure but it no longer springs to life. Zilch, nada. This means that I have no practical way to process my photos and work on the blog.

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things fall apart

An series of major tragedies and minor disasters, that are not mine to share, cause our collective vision of a shared La Moskitia single track adventure to unravel at Casa Kiwi outside Trujillo.

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waiting for the box

I arrive in Panajachel hoping to find bike parts and a few other goodies ready and waiting for me but I am sadly disappointed. This bounty, which promises to revitalise my flagging stead, has been en route all the way from Australia, courtesy of an extremely generous benefactor, for a considerable period time. It might […]

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tent troubles

After a year and a half on the road, a lot of my equipment is getting a little tatty. My Big Agnes Emerald Mountain tent has some very positive features but robustness is not really one of them.

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building a new wheel

Recently my front wheel developed some frightening wobbles and investigating the innards of the hub revealed it to be beyond repair. My break in London has given me easy access to some quality bike parts and since the front rim was also pretty worn I decided that the best thing to do was build a […]

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