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las lagunas: (or – exactly when does ‘classic’ really just mean ‘past its time’?)

BOLIVIA/CHILE: SAN AUGUSTIN — ALOTA — LAGUNA HEDIONDA — LAGUNA COLORADA — SOL DE MAÑANA — LAGUNA CHALVIRI — LAGUNA BLANCA — SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA The good, the beautiful, the bad, the sad, the ugly. Ah, life. … SOLITUDE: I have exchanged the pleasures of company and shared meals for the more austere joys […]

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PERÚ: CUSCO Cusco is all colonial architecture and tourist comforts –  wide squares surrounded by elegant cathedrals, flaky chocolate croissants and raisin scrolls at a French bakery, hot expresso coffee, international chains discretely veiled by colonial facades, people touting tours, massages, mass produced handicrafts. A confirmed city agarophobe I don’t venture out much beyond what […]

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machu picchu

PERÚ: MACHU PICCHU I don’t think that I’m going to say a word.

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el silencio

PERÚ: CAJATAMBO — OYON — YARAJHUANCA — HAUYLLAY — ONDORES — JUNIN I emerge from the Huayhaush in something of a state: I am becoming more than a little upset and confused by my status as a gringa tourist in Perú. My fundamental discomfort with tourism and the tourist industry is normally relatively neatly sidestepped […]

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bikepacking for girls*

PERÚ: CHIQUIAN — CAJATAMBO On the eastern side of the Pastoruri pass there are three options for heading south: 1/. follow the main highway  – fast and paved – to Huanaco and then to Cerro de Pasco: 2/. follow dirt roads to the east of Huayhaush and then through the Cordillera Raura – areas with […]

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what remains…

There is a Canadian girl in Santa Cataliana at the moment doing research for her Masters. Her topic is sustainable tourism. She is interviewing as many people in the village as she can. I only had one thing to say to her. SUSTAINABLE TOURISM = OXYMORON Check this video out for a plastic beach story. […]

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back in mexico

Once I hit the highway in Belize it is not long before I find myself cycling past a sudden rash of casinos and tax free shopping zones and then crossing yet another border back into Mexico. There have been quite a few border crossing in the last two weeks but this is not a particularly […]

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