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Silver City is the last town we will pass through in the USA. We linger a while, spending five nights on the lounge room floor of our hosts, before Jeff and I set off at around 5PM on a cold evening with snow predicted for the next day. Cass opts to spend another night in […]

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silver city

We are looking forward to getting to Silver City to rest up a little, restock our food supplies, repair our bikes and kit and generally take a break. The guys have tried to set up accommodation through Warm Showers but, on the afternoon of our arrival, nobody has responded. Cass rides ahead to make some […]

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gila hot springs

The idea of the Gila Hot Springs has seen us through a few cold difficult moments over the past few days so a fourteen mile side trip with a thousand foot climb over a mountain to get there doesn’t deter us at all. We are also motivated by the thought of a ‘hiker box’, a […]

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the great divide

We leave Pie Town and head for the mountains with snow and storms predicted for the next three days. The road seems innocuous, certainly no rougher than many of the gravel tracks I have followed since I left the coast, but within an hour of leaving I find myself sprawled on the ground, tangled up […]

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thanksgiving in pie town

I arrive in Pie Town the day before Thanksgiving with no idea what to expect. Cycling up the last hill, mid-afternoon, I see three figures with bikes silhouetted at the top. I pull up and the guys check out my bike thoroughly before bothering with any social pleasantries but I presume it passes muster because […]

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a change of plan

Any town with a food theme has a good hook for a hungry cyclist but I hadn’t really intended to go to New Mexico and so I didn’t even know of the existence of Pie Town. After five and a half months of travelling alone suddenly I am riding to this intriguingly named settlement, that […]

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I arrive in Flagstaff with serious business to attend to. My trusty bike has taken a beating over the last five months and my lower gears, despite some maintenance work at the Canyon, are no longer functioning. The chain won’t stay on the smallest ring under any kind of load. Luckily, I have been set […]

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off to flagstaff

The road to Flagstaff winds over 70 miles first through the forest, then across the plains, and finally over a mountain or two. Despite the maps and compass, I get a little lost but it’s a very pleasant two day ride. Once the sun goes down everything freezes instantly. My drinking water is solid ice […]

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grand canyon

The temperature plummets during the night and I wake to icy rain. I cook breakfast under the inadequate shelter of my fly and pack my wet things onto the bike. The road surface on the last ten miles to the highway is good and so I am soonback on tarmac with only fifteen miles to […]

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looking at the sky

At dawn I wake and set off across the plains. There is nothing to suggest that the Grand Canyon lies barely a mile to the north of where I ride. I spend the day struggling over rocky ranch tracks with nothing else to do but admire the sky. An inland sky is totally different to […]

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