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I am first alerted to something a little peculiar about Vilcabamba when I search for a place to stay in Loja via CouchSurfing or a WarmShowers host, mostly so that I have somewhere safe to leave my bike while I make the tedious journey north to pick up my tardy VISA card. Nothing surfaces in […]

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ingapirca livestock market

It’s market day in Ingapirca.

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I am lured to Salinas by the promise of chocolate but what I discover there is far sweeter. I arrive, damp and extremely hungry, at the awkward hour of 6.45AM, after an uncomfortable night spent in a unprepossessing roadside campsite. Ecuadorans are not early risers and so nothing at all is open in the village […]

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some things you might see in jardin

Jardin is a ridiculously pretty coffee town in Antioquia. It’s said to be full of tourists but all of them seem to be Colombian and they blend in quite well. Some of the things you might see in Jardin on a Sunday morning, include: You will probably see a lot of ponchos, too.

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village people

The morning is normally all mine when I wake up in a tent but this camp site is a little exposed and, in the light of day, visible from the road. I pack and organise my gear and lug my things up the hill, push the bike under the barbed wire and climb over the […]

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cloud gazing with lauri

I suppose that people might think that living in a small village on the Pacific coast of Panama is an endless holiday but in general, it is not. However, my friend Lauri came to visit me recently and we  did take a holiday together.

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The idea of managing a hostel never occurred to me before the opportunity spontaneously presented itself to me in Santa Catalina but having been the recipient of countless different forms of hospitality over the last couple of years it immediately appealed to me. I was directed to Blue Zone when I first arrived in the […]

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pacific dreams and real estate schemes

Santa Catalina is a fishing village circled by real estate sharks. There is already blood in the water and so it is only a matter of time before the feeding frenzy begins in earnest. But right now you can still meet a surfer from Devon there who attended the same boarding school as Winston Churchill […]

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Small village life. Two hours on the bus to the nearest grocery store. No internet to speak of, no phone, no post. On the other hand, there is the sunset over the Pacific ocean. Whales, dolphins, turtles. Surf. Clams on the beach. Fried fish. Rainy season thunder storms. Endless star gazing.

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