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a day (or three) out with the pikes

CHILE: SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA — VOLCAN SAIRECUBAR — SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA Harriet and Neil Pike are fast becoming legendary among touring cyclists for their incredible high altitude routes in the Andes. I have had the good fortune to encounter these guys, and spend time with them, in Huaraz and then catch up again […]

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It’s a long climb out of Salinas to approach Chimborazo but its a beautiful ride. Sometimes I just can’t help wanting it all. Despite having to backtrack 12km on the highway I rode yesterday, then head 20km north on the Ambato – Guaranda highway when, overall, I am trying to move southwards, and in the […]

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a circle

I have a confession to make: I’m not really a cyclist, at heart – I’m simply not as impassioned about bikes for their own sake as a truly zealous cyclist. And there is nothing that I love more than getting off my bike and going for a walk.

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cotopaxi (or: the art of leaving)

I’m always leaving and so you think I’d be good at it but I’m not. It’s still a wrench, a sundering. On my last night in Tumbaco I return to the Casa de Ciclista to say goodbye to friends there. Once the leaving is done the unknown future becomes now and the world appears anew […]

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looping the loop on ometepe

Two linked volcanoes rising up in the middle of Lake Nicaragua form a infinity symbol that you could spiral around endlessly.¬†Ometepe is lush and tropical and very enticing – a host of resident ex-pats engaged in lots of inspiring projects are ample testament to that – but my stay here is marked by a sudden […]

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Tajmulco at 4220 metres is the highest peak in Central America and Silke and I tackle it on an overnight jaunt. We set out from Xela on the chicken bus (more on that later) and start up the mountain. We camp close to the top of the mountain in the company of a few other […]

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santa maria

One of the reasons for coming to Xela is its proximity to two of Guatemala’s highest mountains. Santa Maria looms over the town at 3771 metres and Tajumulco, Central America’s highest peak at 4220 metres, is not far away. I am keen to climb both of them. After stocking up on some warm cloths at […]

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I might not have been doing very much riding recently but that doesn’t mean that I’m not still pretty active at times. Two volcanoes, Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl, dominate the landscape near Mexico City and Puebla. Popo, as an active volcano, is out of bounds but the urge to climb Itza proves irresistible. The climb is […]

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under the volcanoes

By the time I pack all my gear onto my bike and ride out of Mexico City, it’s almost a month since I first entered the city. I’m on my way to Puebla, only a 130 kilometres away, where I’m going to meet an organisation that works with socially excluded children and adolescents with the […]

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