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the roses of sarajevo (or: scars)

Walking through the woods, foraging for mushrooms, I suddenly freeze. Is it safe to step here? This is not an idle fear. Parts of Bosnia have yet to be cleared of land mines and while most of the danger areas are known and marked accidents do still happen from time to time. My dubious grasp […]

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all about coconuts

One of the best things about spending some time standing still for a while is opportunity to cook and play in a real kitchen. Living in the tropics, as I do, I am surrounded by coconut trees which probably pose a far greater hazard to my safety than camping out in the wilds but they […]

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water is beautiful

I leave San Cristobal refreshed by almost of week of cool mountain air and strengthened by lots of fresh produce from the local market. I am heading now for the Guatemalan border deep in the jungle. There is nothing much where I am going but tiny isolated villages, military outposts, overgrown Mayan ruins and wilderness […]

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We set out from Guachochi towards Sinforosa Canyon on foot and cover the 20 odd kilometres in a few hours with the help of a couple of lifts from locals in the back of pickup trucks. We hike down to a suspension bridge that marks the end of vehicle roads and camp for the night […]

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fishy tales

I cross the state line from Oregon into California with only an ancient map of California at my disposal. Each time I unfold it the paper tears and crumbles some more. The coastal cycle route is clearly signposted on the highway but, for no particular reason, I cut-off Highway 101 inland onto Route 197 towards […]

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mycologia (part 3)

The road drifts away from the shoreline as rocky cliffs give way to shifting sand dunes on Oregon’s coast. I pass a sign indicating a campground and continue climbing to the top of a long hill. I am riding through forest on a still warm afternoon. Fireweed, a roadside companion that has been with me […]

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mycologia (part 2)

I set off from Cape Lookout, riding along a road which winds along the cliffs high above the ocean. After the racoon incident, I obviously need to replenish my supplies and I make a number of stops at various grocery stores in the towns I pass through during the day. I am irritated to discover […]

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mycologia (part 1)

The rainy Pacific Northwest provides perfect growing conditions for funghi. Here are a few intriguing examples I saw in the forest around Forks. Some, perhaps, are edible while others are definitely not. I wouldn’t, given my current state of knowledge, risk eating any of these. Please feel free to correct any error of identification or […]

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salt springs

I leave Chris’ house in Nanaimo and ride to Crofton and straight onto a ferry about to embark for Salt Springs. Going to Salt Springs takes me off Vancouver Island and away from the main highway and, better still, Jane and Eric have a cabin on the island. I have their address tucked away somewhere […]

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Lasqueti is an island that comes with quite a fearsome reputation. It is off the grid, has few services or formal commercial enterprises and no vehicle ferry. Some people inform me that Lasquetians don’t really welcome outsiders and others merely resort to silent disapproval when I had tell them of my destination. Seeking information about […]

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