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history lessons

Somewhere in Australia in a dusty forgotten box I have a heavy black compass that was one of my great-grandfather’s tools of trade. My great-grandfather was nominally Czech because his family home was in Opava near the current border of the Czech Republic and Poland. But he was born in the late 19th C –  […]

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the howling

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baby birds

Staying still allows a different view of the world. You get to watch plants growing, for example. And when a slightly misguided pair of sparrows decides that under a lettuce in the kitchen garden is just the right place for raising a family then you get the chance to watch baby birds hatch and fledge.

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camp site visitor

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BOLIVIA/CHILE: LA PAZ — CALAMARCA — PATACAMAYA — CALLAPA — SAJAMA — TAMBO QUEMADO — SALAR DE SURIRE — ISLUGA — COLCHANE Recently, in a somewhat self-indulgent moment, on somebody else’s blog, I was bemoaning my lack of inclusion in any ‘tribe’. But, really, one of the best – and perhaps most unexpected – things […]

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I drop out of the clouds into Murillo, a tiny, charming town that sits at almost 3000 metres in the shadow of Los Nevados. A hiker I met on the road told me that there is a place – called Casa Murillo – in Murillo that offers accommodation free of charge. It seems like such […]

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bird nerds in the cloud forest

Leaving Jardin, I’m tailed by a bashful teenage boy. Eventually, he gains enough courage to greet me and then we ride side by side. His bike is borrowed: no gears, but here single speed isn’t hip – it’s just what there is. Never mind the mountains. The boy is shy but he has a number […]

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whale shark

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underwater world

Just in case you’ve been wondering what has been keeping me, this is where I’ve been. Sadly, I don’t have an underwater housing for my camera and since the one that fits my camera costs about $800 it’s  unlikely I’ll be getting one any time soon. So I am reduced to scrounging photos from other […]

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